Mariachi Relampago started in 1991 under the direction of Adolph Ortiz and was
originally called Mariachi Chapala.  In 1992, the name was changed to Mariachi Relampago
(Lightning), a symbol of typical Texas weather.  Some of the musicians were graduates of
maestro Zeke Castro's Travis High School mariachi program.  In 1994, Adolph Ortiz was
given an opportunity to perform in Tucson, AZ. Upon his departure,  Alex Ramirez took over.
Adolph returned to Austin in 1996, but did not immediately play with Relampago. Alex ran
Mariachi Relampago and temporarily merged them with Mariachi Estrella, where Adolph
was the current music director. In 2002, Adolph and Alex broke from Mariachi Estrella and
as co-owners brought back Mariachi Relampago. Under the business leadership of Alex
and musical leadership of Adolph, Mariachi Relampago became superb in customer
satisfaction. Although Alex has retired, Adolph continues to lead the group  with Carlos
Meda and Lena Ortiz handling the business end. Comprised of musicians from San
Antonio, Laredo, Odessa, and Austin, Mariachi Relampago has a definite Texas sound, yet
still authentic to Mexico. All of the musicians of Mariachi Relampago are true professionals
with years of experience under their belt. When you hire Mariachi Relampago, you're hiring
the best.

Mariachi Relampago has accompanied famous artists, such as Maribel Guardia,
Pedrito Fernandez, and Nydia Rojas, just to name a few. Relampago has also performed
for many celebrities, including Sandra Bullock, Harry Connick Jr., Antonio Banderas, Robert
Patrick, Matthew McConaughey and Carla Gugino, as well as famous movie directors
Robert Rodriguez, Guillermo del Toro, and Forrest Whitaker. Relampago appeared in the
major television mini-series entitled Texas Justice, which starred Peter Strauss and Heather
Locklear. They also played for the late author, James Michener. Mariachi Relampago has
been performing in casinos throughout Louisiana since 1999.

Members of Mariachi Relampago have been involved in recordings for movie
soundtracks, library archives, studio archives, commercials (Television & Radio), and music
CDs. Some members have taught in Mariachi Festivals in the state of Texas and beyond.
Mariachi Relampago also donates money to charitable organizations, and on occasion,
performs for the community to benefit organizations with a good cause.

       Mariachi Relampago was honored with the award of "Mejor Mariachi" from Univision's
Premios a la Musica Latina
. With all their hard work and dedication for the city of Austin,
they were the first group from Austin to be nominated and win the award. No other group can
claim they were the first. They are also winners of Austin's first mariachi competition, "Fiesta
del Mariachi" held at the Long Center. As Austin's only Mariachi on a record label, you can
expect to hear a new CD from them every couple of years. Check out
Viewpoint Records for
other great artists in the area.

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